To avoid customers ordering incorrect replacement parts for their brake kits, We have removed them for purchase through the website.


Please contact us if you wish to order replacement Discs/Rotors, Brake pads, or any caliper service parts. We will have a record of the kit you purchased, and we will be able to make sure you get ther correct parts first time!.



Differences between brake pad compounds

We have been testing these new street pads out on a couple of cars over the last few days, and the results are very good! You can push them twice as hard as the original pads before they start to fade (approximately 5 x 150kph hard stops in quick succession), they are very easy to bed-in, allow a very even transfer layer onto the rotors, have excellent cold bite, and don't make any noise at all. All new orders from today will include them as standard.

We also understand that everybody has their own requirements for brake pads. Some people are mostly concerned about noise and longevity, whereas other people are more concerned about friction and brake fade. So from next month, in addition to our street and race options, we will add a 3rd compound. We are calling this a "sport pad", because it fits in nicely between the street and race compounds.



"These are great pads for a road car. Cold bite, initial bite and modulation all better than Hawk HPS. Heat range as good as AP F404 (re-branded Ferodo DS2500). I can't imagine needing more heat range on the street, and they'd probably stand up to a track day or HPDE at least as well as the DS2500."


Here are the specs for the 3 pad options...

Street pads are recommended for drivers that want quite and low maintenance brakes on the road. They're more economical, and will still stop you really fast, but will start to fade after 4 or 5 heavy high speed stops in quick succession. Suitable for road use only.

Sport pads are a great middle-ground option. Although not as quiet as the street pads, the cold bite is right up there, they allow great friction, and you have to push them extremely hard to get any hint of fade. Suitable for track and road use.

Race pads are obviously going to give you the best performance. They offer the highest friction and warm bite, and in our experience we have never been able to make them fade in both rally and circuit racing. The drawbacks are they need bedding in very thoroughly to maintain a good transfer layer on the rotors, and they don't last very long. Recommended for track use only.


This radar graph adds some perspective...